Useful and Fun Sites

number2 ACT and SAT assistance
Named after the famous #2 pencil, this free site (you have to register) gives you help with SAT and ACT preparation with sample questions, including “word of the day and question of the day. The better you do, the harder the questions get! Financial aid tips are also included.

The Research Project Calculator
Are you a procrastinator? Help is here! At the “Research Project Calculator” site you use a free web-based tool that will create a timeline for completing an assignment, and help you stay on track with email reminders. It's free and available 24/7!

Internet Public Library Teen Division
Teen space at the Internet Public Library for Teens:
Here you'll find information to help you with life, school, friends, and work. You'll find articles written especially to help you solve problems, links to web sites you can use for homework, and a place to ask questions.

Minnesota Authors and Illustrators
If you're interested in learning more about authors with ties to Minnesota like Gary Paulsen, John Coy, Kate DiCamillo, Willam Durbin, Pete Hauptman, Will Weaver and many others, check this out.