Just A Dream

By Kirsten Gladis


A girl walked through a forest ignorant of the danger behind its beauty. It felt like a dream to her. The leaves falling from the tops of the trees; every color fell past her smooth olive face like a light snowfall. An assortment of vibrant colors caught her eye: navy blue, hot pink, bright yellows and oranges. Even the color violet floated down from the strange misty sky, landing in her long silver hair. On the trunks and branches she passed hung lime green moss clinging loose to the trees; the moss shimmered when a breeze would come down from the top of the woods. The forest floor looked like a beautiful mosaic. She hummed a joyful tune as she walked, venturing deeper in the enticing woods.

"Hmmm, hm, hmm, hm hmmmm," While humming blissfully, she went pass each tree feeling the soft moss under her fingertips. She came upon a little ravine and saw a clear turquoise pond at the bottom. She stared at it and wondered if she should go check it out. Before she made up her dazed mind, she heard the most enchanting music coming from down there.

Without caring if anyone heard she called out "Hello anyone down there?!" No one answered yet the music kept playing. "Huh? That's weird." Her stomach tighten a bit, suggesting she turn away from the music.

She almost did, but the music got even louder, it was flute music. Hmmm flute music, she thought, this forest is so exotic ts almost  reminds me of fairies.

"Fairies!" she whispered to herself. "It must be!" The too lovely to ignore, in her hopes fairy music, had her racing through the woods searching for the source of the sound. Quickly sitting down at the edge of a slope she came to, she slid down to the bottom. The slope was steep and of course covered with a rainbow carpet of leaves scattered everywhere behind her as she slide. She got up and the leaves stuck to her blue-white, plaid skirt, and her fuzzy white sweater with a waning silver moon on the front, music still in her ears it lead her to a lonesome pond. Her mind and body transfixed by the melody lead her to look into the water. Gazing into the perfectly mirrored surface at her dazed reflection, leaving whatever lie beneath the waters surface a mystery. To her confusion she frowned at the ink black hair, pale complexion, ruby red lips, and pale blue eyes that were reflected back at her. The reflection was not hers.

"What the hell is this," she took her hair and examined it with her fingertips, her hair is still silver, "where am I?"

A twig snapped then her senses snapped back to 'reality.' A sudden shock of panic sent her heart racing, freezing her in fear, looking all around with wide frighten eyes. She had never been so afraid, questions jumbled in her brain. From the other side of the forest a demon like creature emerged from the ground. Its eyes black and bulging from its sinister skull protruded a pair of black horns, it has hooves of a goat and claws of a bear, it's mouth had thousands of needle sharp teeth, he also had a thin crimson dragon's tail.

Her muscles and bones locked in horror from the sight of this hideous creature. Drool dripped from his fangs, she felt and knew that she was his next meal. Jump into the water child interrupted a hasty frantic voice that snapped her attention away from the demon. She didn’t listen to the voice though instead she ran toward the hill.

The demon pursued her with frightening speed."You will not escape me!" it spat with pure savagery.

Half way up the slope he caught her. His claw caught her right leg. She fell hard knocking the wind out of her and smashing her chin onto the leafy forest floor. After she fell the demon put its claws back into her wound ripping more of her soft flesh of her leg.

"Noooo, stop let go of me, someone help me!" she screamed ballistically.

This couldn't be real she thought. She kept wailing and screaming in excruciating pain as he drag her past her own blood from her mutilated leg. She had never felt pain like this or known fear like this. The demonic beast continued his barbaric actions by flinging Sylvia by her blood stained leg. She landed back by the pond, back broke her hard fall. Now she only felt pain, so close to blacking out. The thought of her demise kept her conscious and the fuzzy feeling of the cool water. It numbed the fiery throbbing in her leg. Her tears blurred her vision, body trembling in fear, she prayed this would end soon, this awful nightmare. The face of the demon peered over her face. Helpless, her body almost lifeless, didn’t respond to her thoughts of escape. Saliva dripped from his huge mouth, this is the end she thought.

It was not so. A hand from the water grabbed her wrist and pulled her into it's depths in seconds. She was pulled under with inhuman strength, before the demon could chomp off her face. She did not resist. Deep down she knew she would not die here, the person who grabbed her must be here to save her. Her lungs burned, the farther she was pulled under the less she felt the less she thought. Her lungs needed oxygen, but the decent continued. Air she thought, need air. The burning sensation faded every minute. She could still feel the water passing her half dead skin, till everything went black.

The Lady with an Owl

"Hooot hooot, hooot hoot  hoot." She jolted awake turned over and threw up all the water in her lungs.

Gasping in the sweet night air. Her fingers curled into the lushes grass, she sighed in relief. She almost relaxed but the memory of her attacker followed by the returning pain of the deep, red, gashes in her leg. Tears streamed down her face, wondering why this had happened to her, where she was and why she was still alive. She didn’t even remember who she was. The girl with no memory took in the knew sights feeling frightened. She noticed her clothes were dry and that there was no pond, lake any sign of water in sight. Someone must of dragged me here, or maybe I was drugged, she also wonder who had saved her. Was she hallucinating? This place was as beautiful as the last but this time you could see sky, a starry night sky. The clusters of stars gazed down at oversized weeping willows.

"Oh no, this could be like the last place, I need to go somewhere and hide, gather my senses," she said to herself.

Sylvia dragged herself to the trunk of the nearest tree, the long branches of willow leaves brushed against her back. She felt safe here. Once she had rested herself against the tree it lit up, glowing, golden orbs big as cars hung from the sagging branches. She hoped this wouldn’t attract attention to her.

"Might as well rest" she murmured taking another glance at her leg. She cringed, the skin was terribly disfigured and difficult to look at. The orbs gave better sight to the damage she didn’t want to see. This must of really happen if stings, and burns this bad, still could be drugs, acid probably, she thought. As she kept examining the damage becoming light headed every time she noticed the shredded scratches of flesh that hung loosely on the outside of her wounds. Some places of the cuts lookedunfortunatly deeper than others.

"Hooot, hoot" gushes of wind made the weeping willow lean back and forth.

 From above the giant head of a great horned owl popped out from the top branch. Sylvia looked up tiredly she smiled and relaxed, it's was just a big old owl, or the drugs she thought.

She spoke to it in a familiar voice "Are you real?" The owl turned its head left to right looking at her with large clueless eyes. It hopped down from its high perch. Once it was at ground level her eyes widen to the amazement of the owl's size. She guessed its height to be more than ten foot tall. She crawled over to it wincing everytime she moved her right leg, she needed to know if it was real. In frustration she army crawled the rest of the five feet in between her and the magnificent bird. She gapped at its long sharp talons, an reached out to touch them.

"You are definitely real, can you bring me help?" she asked hoping it would understand her and why not this owl was obviously special. The owl spread open its silent, spotted wings, in response to her question. It carefully picked up the girl and flew out of the tree into the open night sky.

The flight began with a slow glide then the owl climbed higher and higher into the dark twinkled abyss. The owl had a secure hold of her but she could not shake the overwhelming feeling in her stomach. Her hair flailed wildly in the wind, down below the sleeping landscape seemed to morph, she became queasy again. She couldn’t keep her stomach fluids down, and threw up. The concerned owl turned its head down to check on her. It dove down to the ground quickly and she felt her insides recoil to the pressure of the drop. Land gently and quietly the owl gently put Sylvia down. It screech at her as to apologize for the rough midnight flight. Sylvia laid on the ground shaking. Forced tears had dried on her face and dry vomit stuck to her chin and in her hair.

"Henry throw her in the water, can't believe you brought another one here like this!" said a female voice behind her.

"Huh what?" before she could ask a single question the owl Henry, she assumed was his name lifted her by her sweater with is large beak and dropped her into a shallow cold pond. Henry pushed her under the water with his foot and shook her around in the water. After he was done he pulled her out.

"Who the hell do you think you are and where the hell am I and why the hell is this happening to me?!" by the time the girl was done with her questions she noticed it was the woman who had rescued her away from the demon. The lady had blue skin and wore a silver glossy dress.

"Child you shouldn't be so angry you deserve all that has come to you." she smiled and laughed to herself "but of course when people like you are sent here you remember nothing, well let's start by giving you our name back, Sylvia." Sylvia open her mouth to say something know the woman wasn’t lying but was interrupted.

"You want to know all those questions now don’t you? Most regret asking." she said as she had experienced this almost every day. She gave Sylvia fake, sad eyes.

"Most people are sent her because they did something bad, you must of done something terrible to deserve Soul Eater." she looked thoughtfully at the ground "Maybe I shouldn't have saved you at all, hmmmmm."

Sylvia's voiced squeaked "I would really like to get out of here and your right I don’t remember anything."

"Of course you don’t remember anything stupid child and of course you would want to get out of here" the woman's eyes narrowed"You were sent her to die."

Sylvia heart picked up its paced she fell upon her knees and cried "Please help me please, I don’t even know what I done!"

The blue woman looked at her in annoyance it looked as though she were going to deny Sylvia her wish, but then she looked over at her owl. The owl back away it almost looked like he was cowering. The poor bird seemed to look smaller under the blue woman's watchful eyes.

"Henry my dear sweet, friend what do you think I should do?" she asked so kindly. Henry reply with a long hoot and some short screeches.

"Hmmm that’s very interesting, test her for her memories that seems fare, send her back if she succeeds with a lesson, how brilliant Henry!" she praised her cowering owl, stroking his fluffy long feathers.

Stlvia held her hands tightly clamped together waiting hopefully for a positive response. She didn’t remember her age but she knew she was too young to die.

"How are you able to send me back?" she asked very quietly.

"You sure ask many questions, that are not important" Sylvia decided not to ask any more questions they just made the blue woman more angry.

The woman got up from her boulder and walked slowly to the water. She reached in and pulled out a mirror it was a black mirror. It gave Sylvia shivers as she glanced over to see a dark reflection of her. Sylvia was motioned to come over and limped after the woman under another willow tree. Sylvia noticed the pain in her leg was subsiding very quickly. Maybe I will have a better chance of surviving now that I can walk she thought. She set the long large mirror down against the trunk.

"Okay child now listen carefully if you want to succeed and not perish in this place but don’t worry you won't die, because this is a test!" she giggled excitedly. Sylvia wondered if this strange lady was more insane than stuck up. The owl hobbled over to Sylvia and hobbled away leaving a feather behind. She picked it up thinking she could keep it as a souvenir after she got out of here.

"This place is very dark and it is a place of lost memories, I'm giving you a chance to find your memory. Not many succeed but if they do they don’t get the answers they are looking for. Ha what am I saying of course they do they just never except the truths."she let out a sigh.

Sylvia stood in front of the mirror her hair was a snarly, shiny mess, her cheeks had cuts that she hadn't felt, her sweater was damp and hanging low. She didn’t remember if she actually owned clothes like these. Well she thought I need to know. she stepped through the glass into a dark, nothingness.


Sylvia was surrounded by pitch blackness. She knelt down slowly and felt the ground beneath her it was smooth and dusty. She felt the dust come in through her nose and she sneezed. Her sneeze echoed around her and triggered a bright green light off in the distance. She decided to crawl to the light till she could see her surroundings, but mostly to see the floor beneath her that could end anywhere. She felt for edges of the floor, and found a few avoided them with luck. Her palms and knees were sore  from crawling over such hard floor. There seems to be more gravity in here she thought or maybe it's just because im tired and ready to go home wherever that is. Sylvia could see the dark floor more clearly. She could tell what was floor and what wasn't, because like something in every place she had been so far was sparkly. She got off her hands and knees following the emerald sparkling floor. The green oval light was balanced on a thin black alter. She took the light in her hands and examined it. She felt like she was holding nothing, but warm light.

"What am I suppose to do with this?" It lifted up to the sound of her voice and it floated towards the edge of the floor, Sylvia followed.

The green glow went over the edge she waited in the dark stroking the soft, owl feather. It felt like a few minutes before it returned. It hadn't returned alone, a giant, green, floating, dream catcher emerged from the pitch black canon. She grabbed it and pulled it in. Her fingers tingled she felt a surge of memories rush into her empty brain. Memories of her family, friends, lovers, her age, hobbies, fears, and the incident that got her here.

 She saw the blue lady watching her from the mirrors in her home. She recalled having supernatural occurrences in her house and everything she did to try and get rid of them. Now she knew it was not a ghost, but the blue lady. Sylvia watched herself get ready for bed and burn sage like she had been doing every night so she could have a peaceful night's rest. The blue lady in her true form looked like a disgusting, old. thin, crone came out of her mirror in the bedroom.

"Wake up Sylvia," she yelled at herself "Come on! Wake up!"

Sylvia could do nothing but watch the old hag pour a liquid into her mouth and drag her body through the mirror.

The vision had finished, hundreds of dream catcher hung from the ceiling of the cavern, each a different glowing color. Sylvia guess that those had been the previous victims memories, that had floated to the top after they were perhaps slaughtered.

"Where are you sick twisted bitch!" now she was shaking with frustration and anger, she wanted to live and she wasn’t about to let this insidious thing kill her, ending u like everyone else who had been taken away from their beds. She noticed her dream catcher accending to join the others.

The woman now the hag appear in front of her.

"See I told you, you wouldn’t like the truth." She let out a laugh most chilling to the ear.

"Ooooh it's so good that I have you all to myself usually the Soul Eater beats me to it, cant hang on to my prey very well creeping through those blasted mirrors." "Come my pretty it's time I had myself another meal. Human flesh is the best!" the hag shrieked with joy in Sylvia squeezed her hand with the feather. It felt strange and heavy she glanced down to see the feather  had transformed into a knife. Its time for this demonic, bitch to die, she thought with much satisfaction.

The nasty blue hag saw the knife and reached out and grabbed Sylvia by her hair. The old woman open her mouth revealing sharp, yellow fangs ready to rip into Sylvia's neck. Sylvia held the knife tight and stabbed the woman in the throat. Sylvia stabbed her over and over again till the hags face looked like bits of skull, brains, and blood all in a gorry moosh.

She limped to the black mirror from once she came. She got out from underneath the willow and saw the owl circling the starry sky.

Before she could call to him and thank him for his magical gift she passed out.


Sylvia awoke in her bed the sun shining through her window. 'Hoot hoot hoot." A smaller version of Henry from her dream sat on her dresser. He was still quiet large for an owl and most importantly real. She got up examined her leg there was nothing she looked in the mirror. Her face had no scars.

" Alright Henry, im guessing your staying with me so our first order of business is to move out of this apartment and try to forget what happened."