An Angel in the Woods

By Vanessa Yang

Aleah woke up from the alarm clock sound drilling in her ears. She grunted with tiredness, but she knew she had to go to work. It was her favorite time of the day. She loved her job and patients. She did her daily physical routine which consists of washing her face, brushing her teeth, combing her hair, and wearing her scrubs. She slept in the on-call room even though she wasn’t on-call until her shift started. It felt like her home, so she sleeps there every night. None of her co-workers knew that she sleeps at the hospital because her on-call room is hidden. It only took her seconds to get to work even on days when she woke up late. The first thing she decided to do on her task list was to check on her patients even though it was four in the morning. She heard her name from a distance, and it was coming from the emergency room. The voice she heard was her nurse friend, Layla. Aleah speed walked to the trauma room. She witnessed a frighten mother and daughter. Everything in the moment was in slow motion, but when she finally came back to her senses, she proceeded towards Layla.

“I need an assist. This young man is resisting treatment.”

“Is he hurt?” asked Aleah.

“His lower abdomen was torn open; he will need surgery.”

“Push anesthesia.”

As Layla prepared the young man for surgery, Aleah felt the demand to go talk to the frighten mother and daughter. She walked towards them and slowly made eye contact with the mother.

“I’m a clinical nurse, and we have the best doctors in this hospital. Your husband is getting the best care. May I ask, what happen?”

“My daddy tried to kill my mommy,” said the little girl.

Aleah knew that she did not want to jump to any conclusions. She glanced at the little girl and then to the mother again, attempting to signal to the mother to talk, but it didn’t seem to work. Aleah studied her face and hands, both of them were shaking. Aleah noticed that it seemed that the mother wanted to say something but was too scared, or she was hiding something. The frightened mother opened her mouth but didn’t seem to speak out what she wanted to say. Layla called Aleah from a distance.

“Hold on, I’m coming.”

Aleah glanced at both the mother and the little girl one more time. She took a deep breath and proceeded to the surgery room. Aleah washed her hands with disinfecting soap and continued to scrub. Then, she rinsed her hand and had another surgery assistant dry and put gloves on her hands. Dr. Williams entered the room and began asking questions about the patient.

“What do we have here?”

“The patient’s lower abdomen was ripped open.” said Layla.

“What a nice way to put it.”

Aleah glanced at Layla with a look of confusion. The surgery continued for two hours. Aleah kept thinking of the mother and the little girl. She felt the demand to give them an update. Before she could say anything, Dr. Williams finished sowing up the young man’s lower abdomen.

“I will go update the family.” said Dr. Williams.

After the long surgery of the young man, Aleah decided that she could use a nap because it was already the end of her shift. She headed back to her room and napped until her pager woke her up. She looked at her pager, and Layla called for an emergency. Aleah ran as fast as she could to the patient’s room. She witnessed Layla getting choked by the young man from surgery.

Before Aleah could do anything, Dr. Williams came to the rescue. He stabbed and pressed a syringe into the young man. The young man slowly let go and fell to the ground. Aleah gasped with fear because the young man banged his head on to the ground before going unconscious. The young man started to seize on the ground. Layla got up with the help of Dr. Williams. Aleah ran to the young man and prevented him from hitting his head on the floor.

“I need help here!” said Aleah.

The three of them carried the young man to the bed and Layla prepared the young man for surgery.

“Call neurosurgery.” said Dr. Williams.

“I got it.” said Aleah, with a tense face and shaking hands.

Aleah picked up the phone and called the neuro department. The night shift doctors and nurses took the young man into surgery. Aleah and Layla headed to the lounge. Aleah sat down on the sofa to cool down.

“Are you okay?” asked Aleah.

“Yeah, I am fine.”

“What happened out there?”

“I was doing a regular check up on him, and he woke up. He took out his IV and went for my neck. It was strange; the first thing he did was attack me.”

“Something must have happened at home, but the mother won’t talk. She’s either frightened or is hiding something. She just would not talk.”

“Well, it’s none of our worries. It’s the police’s job now.” said Layla.

Aleah looked at the window and took a deep breath.

“He is still our patient.” said Aleah.

She stared back into the distance, and it became blurry. Aleah sat on the sofa and rested her head. She woke up from her short but long nap. The sleep seemed like a short nap but she slept throughout the night until morning. Layla reacted shortly after her fall on the ground.

“Thank you for kicking me off the couch.” said Layla.

She rubbed her head and stretched her body on the floor. Layla came back up and sat on the sofa.

“I am so sorry.” said Aleah as she burst out laughing.

“Ha, we fell asleep. Shortly after you lay on the sofa, I did the same. I was so tired.” said Layla.

“Well, it is 5am, and I am going to my morning yoga class. I owe you one.”

“Yeah sure, let me go change.”

Aleah walked to the hall and saw the mother and the daughter. She approaches them and made full eye contact. The mother slowly glanced at Aleah.

“Where can I see him?” said the mother.

“Hello. Right this way.”

Aleah wasn’t sure what to say. The mother looked as nervous as her little daughter. Aleah led the way to the young man’s room. She stopped in the middle of the hall.

“Are you okay? I mean, if he is hurting you, I will find help.” said Aleah.

“Yeah, we’re fine. We are a little shaken up about what happened.”

“May I ask what happened?”

Aleah looked ahead and there came the police towards them. She wanted an answer, but was interrupted by the police.

“Hello, my name is Sergeant Kay and this is my partner. We will be asking some questions if you would not mind.”

“Well, I will leave.” said Aleah.

Aleah headed back to her room and changed into her yoga outfit. Her phone beeped a text from Layla. She proceeded to the hallway, glanced at the family once, and turned away.

“Hey, are you ready?” said Aleah.

“Yeah, let’s go!” said Layla.

Layla drove as Aleah relaxed in the passenger seat. Aleah closed her eyes slowly while resting her head on the seat. She opened her eyes to see the baby blue sky. At Inner Peace Yoga, the instructor started a one hour yoga class. After the class, Aleah headed outside the studio and stretched her body. Layla came out after her.

“Can you drive me home?” asked Layla.

“Of course, let’s go now.”

Aleah started the car and backed out of the parking lot. She dropped off Layla at her house and then drove to the hospital. The weather is hot but also had a little air. As Aleah arrived at the hospital, she went right in the shower. She turned on hot water, as she raised her head up, and took a deep breath. After the shower, Aleah got dressed and started her shift. She walked to the hallway and proceeded towards the young man’s room. The mother walked towards Aleah.

“My name is Amelia Wilson-Hansen and this is my daughter Sophia. My husband Mason disappeared! Please help me!” said Amelia.

The mother looked so frightened, and the same feeling transferred to Aleah.

“What happened?” said Aleah as she grabbed the phone the dialed the police. Aleah yelled for help.

“Umm, I took Sophia to the lunchroom for a second, and when we came back, he was gone.”

“I am so scared.” said Sophia as she cried.

“Don’t worry; we will find him.” said Aleah.

As the security team approached, they asked that Aleah stayed with the family. The whole hospital was on lockdown. Aleah hugged little Sophia because she was as scared. Amelia ran out the door immediately. Aleah feared for her life and Mrs. Hansen’s. She paged the security team again. Layla came in the door and Aleah took a slow breath.

“Stay here with Sophia.” said Aleah.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to find the mother; Amelia.”

Layla entered the room as Aleah ran out the door. Layla looked at the little girl.

“Don’t be afraid. I am here for you.” said Layla.

“I am afraid of my mom.”


“My mom is a killer.”

Layla feared for her life. She called the security team as Dr. Williams came in the room and locked the door.

“No one is to leave the room.” said Jay Williams.

“Why?” asked Layla.

Jay closed the shades in the room. At this time, Layla doesn’t know what to believe.

“Just believe me.” said Jay.

Aleah walked through the hallway. The lights flickered like a scary movie scene. She pushed the door to the stairway and saw Mason.

“Hello, sir… Are you okay?”

Mason cried in a frightened voice and then slowly looked at Aleah.

“She tried to kill me. I was trying to protect myself and my little girl. She’s crazy.”

“She as in Amelia?” asked Aleah.

“Please… Please believe me.”

“Yes, I believe you.”

Mason started having a heart attack. He held his hand to his heart and fell down to the ground. Aleah reacted and yelled for help. The security team came in and helped them. The doctors took him into surgery. The police waited for Aleah in the lounge. She proceeded in the room and sat on the sofa next to Layla and Sophia.

“The mom is crazy.” said Aleah.

“When I questioned the mom yesterday, she said that Mason tried killing her. Now, she disappeared.” said Sergeant Kay.

“My mom made me say that.” said Sophia.

“Say what?” said Aleah.

“That daddy tried killing us.”

“Well, all of you should go home and rest. Mandatory.” said Sergeant Kay.

Aleah headed to her room and rested on her bed. The next morning sun arises through her window. It was hard for her to get up after the past days. She showered and put on her scrubs. She combed her hair and looked in the mirror. Aleah walks to the nurse’s station and thought of Sophia.

“Hey, how is Mason?” asked Aleah.

“He hasn’t woken up yet, but right before he went to sleep, he told me that Amelia lied about the whole thing. He looked very scared. He also said that he was scared that no one would believe him.” said Layla.

“Okay. Let the police know.”

“And social services took little Sophia last night.”

“That is a good thing. Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“Okay. Well, I am going to get some air before my shift starts.”

Aleah walked out of the hospital and she stared into the woods. There was a women figure. Aleah speed walked in the woods. She wanted real answers. Aleah could not see anyone. In one moment, she heard a gunshot and the bullet pierced through her heart. Her eyes widened with fear. She looked slowly at the shooter.

“It is all because of you.” said Amelia.

Aleah fell down to the ground, and all of her surroundings faded away. Amelia left the woods. Layla got a chill from hearing a loud shot.

“You will be okay.” said Layla to Sophia.