Ama Yuki

By Emily Gomez

Akio and Hikaru were two very well-known scientists in the field of bioweapons and genetic engineering. They used to work for IdenKojo a well-known company for making vaccines for all kinds of dangerous diseases. IdenKojo also worked for the Japanese military, making bioweapons. They were the best at it.

One day, in the year 3994, while trying to genetically engineer a soldier to be intensely powerful, they made a mistake with the formula that they were injecting into the soldier and it caused him to die suddenly. While trying to find out what had happened, the soldier got up and started killing the scientists in the operating room. Some of the scientists got bitten, but manage to escape before the doors locked in the operating room. When the injured scientists were at the emergency area, they also suddenly died, but then came back alive and started killing the others. The whole building went into a lock down, but some managed to escape and go into the outside world. It was only the beginning of the vampire apocalypse.   

Fast forward to 4017, the war against the vampires has lasted 23 years and is still going strong. Many people have descended into hiding. The IdenKojo headquarters have gone into hiding inside a mountain in the out skirts of Japan. The scientists that work for them went to live in the headquarters, for that is the only safe place for them. The outside world is a dangerous and nasty place with vampires roaming around freely. There aren’t many people alive out there anymore, only for a few that has managed to stay hidden.

IdenKojo has been trying to fix their mistake by coming up with some kind of cure to turn the vampires back to humans. Many believe that such a cure is impossible and that they should be busy trying to find a way to get rid of all the vampires. Akio is one of the scientists that believe in a weapon that could kill all the vampires. In the year of 4000, a unique baby girl was found abandoned in a basket near the mountain. She had beautiful baby green hair that curled in the most wonderful ways and eyes that sparkled with delight. Akio and Hikaru decided to take her in and name her Ama, Ama Yuki. Akio did love her but wanted something dark for her future; his only wish for her was for her to become a powerful weapon, a weapon that’ll help with the destruction of the vampires.

He started to do genetics experiments on Ama when she was just one-year old. He would inject a formula into her spine every month that would cause her to become stronger and able to heal faster than the norm. Akio would also have her complete a course that had many difficult obstacles every morning. Ama had many tutors that taught her everything that was necessary to know. She learned almost every language and how to read people without them saying much. She was taught things that military people are taught when they go out to a dangerous, top secret mission.

With her hair bouncing as she ran through her daily courses, Ama’s bitterness toward her father grew and grew. Everyday there is something new thrown at her, today it was fire balls and random powerful gushes of wind aimed toward her while she ran through a mountain terrain like area.

“A five percent improvement from last week, better but not there yet,” her father bleakly said. The other scientist examined her to see how her body was reacting, and Akio then dismissed her to go do her lessons for the day.

Once she was done with her lessons, Ama was free to do whatever she wanted, but only inside the one abandoned section. There wasn’t much to do there, but it was peaceful being away from the labs. She befriended a stray cat that lived in the abandoned area, she named him Katsuo. Ama would always tell the cat her wish to escape the mountain and find somewhere that wouldn’t treat her like a lab rat. She would cry herself to sleep beside Katsuo until a security guard came and got her. One day, Ama ventured deeper into the abandoned area and found a chamber. In this chamber, there came light from somewhere, but she could not find the source of it. She had to leave for her free time was up and decided to go back the next day.

The next day, Ama returned back to the chamber and started to look for the source of the light that was coming through. After a while, she was exhausted and stood in the center of the room for a bit. She suddenly felt a breeze come from the back of the room, thinking that maybe the source of the light also came from there; she went to check it out. When she reached out toward the wall, her hand kept going as if there was no wall at all and it was just a hologram. She yanked her hand back and wondered what just happened. She decided to continue forward to see what was on the other side of the hologram.

 She had her eyes closed as she walked to the other side. Ama felt the air getting a bit chilly and crisp, but it felt nice in her lungs. She slowly opened her eyes. It took a while for her to adjust to the bright light. When she was finally able to see, she saw a beautiful pond with trees all around. On the other side of the pond she saw a figure move; scared, she ran back inside the chamber and ran back to the lab and into her room. That night, she didn’t sleep, for her thoughts were on what she had seen behind the abandoned chamber.

When it was time for her daily courses, Ama was tired, because she did not sleep. She ended up doing really poorly on her obstacles. Her mind was somewhere else as she ran and was blown back by a huge object that was thrown at her.

“What is up with you today, Ama?” Dr. Saburo, one of the scientists that examined her daily, said while seeing if she was damaged. 

“I’m sorry, Dr. Saburo, I just didn’t get much sleep last night. It won’t happen again.” Ama apologized.

“Of course it won’t happen again. You’ll probably get killed next time. Stop thinking of useless things and get your mind back to the objective.” Her father yelled.

After her father let her go, Ama ran to the abandoned sector and sat in one of the nicer rooms. Katsuo found her and sat beside her. She was always comforted by his presence. Once she was comfortable enough, Ama got up and walked to the chamber; she wanted to go outside again. Ama was fully prepared for anything this time. She had with her a sharp little pocketknife and a coat, for last time she went past the hologram; it was nippy out.

She slowly walked out. When her eyes adjusted, she walked up to the pond and sat on a rock. It was a rather comfortable rock; it formed nicely with her body. Ama looked around and tried to take in the beautiful scenery. There were beautiful cherry blossom trees all around with petals floating on the pond. She saw many brightly and beautifully printed koi fish swimming around.

            Startled by the sound of nearby footsteps, Ama quickly stood up and got out her pocketknife.

            “Whoa, there,” a boy about the same age as her said, “I only wanted to talk to you. My name is Hibiki, and I live in the forest.”

            “Are you a vampire?” Ama asked, still on the defensive and a bit frightened.

            “Well, yes, but please don’t worry about me hurting you. I wouldn’t do a thing to hurt you.” Hibiki said uneasily, “None of us would. We all changed; we think with reason now. We kill only when we really need to eat, and we do not like to harm.”

            “I don’t believe you. How can all the vampires, which killed millions and destroyed society many years ago, change to be good? I do not believe it is possible.”

            “I’ll show you. Come with me to my village in the forest, and I’ll show you the truth. There are even humans living with us; you could meet them and ask them about us.” Hibiki smirked.

            Hibiki looked so excited that Ama couldn’t refuse. She followed him while holding her pocketknife in her pocket. She felt a bit excited and adventurous, at the same time a bit frightened. Overall, she was happy to see something different and to be out and away from the labs.

            There was a clear nice path to the village in the middle of the forest. The trees were so huge that no sunlight came through, but they had it all lit up with many beautiful lights. From far away she did not hear a sound until she got to the village entrance. It was filled with laughter and music and she could see little kids dancing and playing around. Hibiki leaded her to a building, not much bigger than one of the labs. Inside there was a woman who sat on a bejeweled chair in front of a computer.

            “Ama, I’ll like to introduce you to Asuka Aimi. She is the founder of this village and is very wise. She’s human.”

            “Nice to meet you, Ama,” Asuka whispered, “Please come in and take a seat. Let me inform you about my village and the ones who live here.”

            After Asuka told Ama of all that happened, Ama just sat in awe. All she knew was that the vampires were still as evil as they were 23 years ago, and that the world outside the mountain is in total destruction, and no one could ever live outside again. She had been lied to. Then and there, she decided it was time to escape now that she knew that there was more waiting for her. She could just escape now at this moment, if it wasn’t for the tracking devices in her head. She had to go back and try to find a way to disconnect it or rid herself of it. If she didn’t her father would be furious and send hundreds of soldiers to get her. The soldiers would definitely kill anyone and anything in their way.

            Ama thanked Asuka for her hospitality and left to go back to the mountain. Hibiki walked back with her. They walked in silence for a while until Ama noticed a sad vibe from Hibiki.

            “What’s the matter?” she asked with concern.

            “Well, it’s just that… I don’t want you to go back. You should just stay out here with us. I know I barely meet you, but I feel like we could be really good friends.” Hibiki whispered.

            “Don’t worry, I’ll come back. I just need to do some important things first, then, I’ll come back.”



            Ama then walked back into the mountain. She was an hour late and could hear the soldiers looking for her. She didn’t want them to search the chamber afraid that they would discover the hologram and find Hibiki and the others, so she decided to sneak into a different room and walk out from there. Once the soldiers saw her walk out from the other room; they hurried to her.

            “Your father is looking for you.” One of the soldiers said loudly.

            They guided her back to her father’s office and left. He sat at his table staring at his computer. Ama went to sit on one of the big chairs in front of him.

            “It is time.” He said boomingly.

            “Time for what?” Ama had a thought of what that meant but didn’t want to believe it.

            “You know what we have been training for.” He looked at her with no emotions, “It’s time to demolish the vampires. You will be flown out next week. Until then, you are going to train harder than ever.”

            He then sent her on her way to the lab to train more. By the end of the day, she was beyond tired. After she was free to go, she walked to her room and sat down. Even though she was tried, she couldn’t sleep. She laid in bed thinking about everything that has happened that day; she felt overwhelmed. Ama didn’t want to go to war with the vampires now that she knew the truth about them. She had to leave tonight. She had to go warn Hibiki and the others. She decided it was time for her to do what she needed to do. She sneaked out of her room and ran to the abandoned sector. She went to go find Katsuo. She didn’t want to leave him behind for he was her only friend there. She found him in a bed that she made him years ago.

            “Katsuo, we have to go.” Ama said while reaching down to grab her book bag that she had hidden behind the wall. She had to go back and find a way to get rid of the tracking device in her head.

            She went back into her room with Katsuo right behind her. She dug in her book bag and pulled out an envelope. In the envelope was a letter, a small rounded key, and a map. The letter read:

        “Dear Ama,

        I am writing this letter to tell you that I am so sorry for leaving you. I was just too overwhelmed with everything going on. I am sorry for what has happened to you; please stay strong. On the bottom of this letter are the codes to get the tracking device out if you feel you are in danger.  Dr. Saburo will help you; knock five times, pause for a minute, then knock five more times. He will understand and slip a piece of paper under the door. Follow the instructions on it. The map is there to help you with those instructions and the key will let you open up any door in your way. Please stay safe, baby girl. I love you so much. Farewell.


Hikaru, your mama”


          It was a letter her mother left for her years ago when she disappeared. Ama decided to do as it said, for it was time. She quietly walked to Dr. Saburo room and knocked on the door five times waited a minute and knocked again five more times. She then saw the piece of paper slip out from underneath.

            “Thank you.” Ama whispered.

            Ama went back into her room to read the instructions. Step one: go to her training lab. Grabbing whatever seemed necessary, Ama made her way to the lab. She had to put Katsuo in her bag so that she wouldn’t lose him. At each corner, Ama waited to make sure the coast was clear. When it was clear, she darted past. Once she reached the door to the lab, she stopped; the door was closed. She was about to panic until she realized that her mother gave her a key that would open up any door. She grabbed it and slid it through the keyhole on the key pad. To her surprise it opened. She ran in and closed the door back up. Ama then went on to read  Step two: go to the back of the lab; underneath the table with the jars is a hidden door; open it with the same key you used to open the lab door.

            Ama tiptoed over and lifted the table out of the way. Barely visible there was a door, she opened it and jumped down. It was a huge area lit up by weird glowing lights. There were many tunnels, all marked with a different letter. Step three: go through tunnel R, don’t stop to you till reach tunnel AF, but be careful these tunnels are guarded heavily.

            She felt a bit scared but continued on. She stayed to the wall, walking ever so slowly and quietly. Footsteps approached; Ama hid in an opening nearby and waited for them to leave. Once they left, she peaked out to see if it was safe to go. There was someone with their back turned to her in her way. Ama decided she had to get rid of them. She grabbed for her pocketknife and quietly approached them, slicing their neck, slowing putting them on the ground. She continued on. She finally reached AF. There were three guards in front of the door there. She had to find a way to get them apart. She got out Katsuo and told him to run down the tunnel and make noise hoping only one of the guards would check it out. Her plan worked and one of the guards walked towards the area where she was hiding. She pulled him into the opening and knocked him out without making any noise. She waited there hoping again that another one of the guards would come, but a couple minutes passed and she wasn’t so lucky. She decided to make louder noises by jumping in the water that was there in the tunnels. Both guards ran towards the sound. Katsuo ran off making as much noise as possible, giving Ama more time to go to the door and open it before the guards came back.

            Ama then stood in front of the huge door. Step four: On the key pad type in the first code that is in the letter and hold onto the lever beside the door. She looked back into the letter and put in the code, DFAY783KLP7C. She held onto the lever; she heard a faint beep, and the door opened. Just in time, Katsuo ran up behind her.

            “Nice timing, Katsuo,” Ama said as she reached down to him, “I was afraid I was going to have to leave you.”

            The door shut behind them, and the room lit up. It looked like a control room, filled with many computers and equipment. She went on to read Step five: go to the big circular screen in the back, turn it on and log in with the second code in the letter. The username was IdenKojoFFAD and the code was a series of 27 different letters and numbers. She got in. Step six: click the pink square icon on the top left, your file should pop up. Once the file popped up, Ama was surprised and a bit scared. Everything about Ama was there, from her favorite activities to her blood type to her everyday emotions. It was overwhelming, but she knew she had to go on. Step seven: on the bottom right there is a link, click it and your tracking device information will pop up. On the bottom of that screen there is the option to disconnect it, type in the last code.Ama was so relieved when the screen popped up. She typed in the code, which was AAMAYUKII23III. She then felt a pressure in her head and a bit of burning, but it was over after a minute. As she collected herself, a hidden door opened up and Dr. Saburo came out.

            “Are you ready?” he asked with a huge and happy smile.

            “We are. “she replied as Katsuo looked over her shoulder.  

            “Shall we then? “