Story Showcase

Please enjoy a collection of Short Stories from Mrs. Krause's Creative Writing class.


Accidentally Crazy

The Holocaust was a very interesting yet terrible thing. There are some people that don’t believe it happened while there are others who believe in it a little too much. Meet Kendall; she’s 17. She absolutely loves anything that has to do with the Holocaust, and little does she know, it’s a serious problem…

Ama Yuki

With her hair bouncing as she ran through her daily courses, Ama’s bitterness toward her father grew and grew. Everyday there is something new thrown at her, today it was fire balls and random powerful gushes of wind aimed toward her while she ran through a mountain terrain area. All she wanted to do was escape from the inside of this mountain, but she knew she couldn’t survive outside with the vampires. Will she be able to escape? What lies outside this mountain? Would she be able to survive?

Barrels of Hope

“Wesley ran up to me, lifted me off the ground with a hug and twirled me around. He set me down and kissed me. I smiled and kissed him back. I looked around. I saw Wesley, my grandma with Whiskey, my grandpa, Bandit over my shoulder, and I saw that my life was great. I never thought I would be in this place ever again. After my mom’s death, I thought my dreams and hopes ended with it. But that was a lie to me because I did accomplish my dreams and goals. I had everything in the palms of my hands.”


Anthony Sunhay is like any average sixteen year old you’d meet in Paris. He enjoys time with his friends, he’s always exploring the city, he goes to high school like everyone else, and after a long day, he enjoys relaxing in his little two story café. Day after day, Anthony and his father live their normal lives and treasure every moment, but what if something crazy was to change their lives forever? There’s a mysterious sickness spreading all around the world, turning people insane, and there’s no warning where it’ll hit next. Overnight, Anthony’s life is transformed into a world full of mad people, but he is not alone. On his journey, Anthony bumps into others who he’ll depend on for survival, but can anyone live in a world so mad?

Dark Pages

What do you do when you find out that your life is not what you think it is; you are not who you think you are, and the one you trust is the cause of all the problems? Read this enticing story to find out how Guy handles his world turning.

Dream Locker

Isabella Gordon is average. Not too tall, not too short. Not too smart, not too anything. After school one day, Isabella and her two best friends, Allison and Katlynn, find a room in their school. Afterwards, nothing is ever normal again.

Finding Mom

Britley Ann Mavison is a girl searching for her mom. Her dad is in the hospital with lung cancer and she lives with her two brothers, Zayne and Ridley, in her dad’s parents’ house. Her sister, Nikita, is married to Kovou. Jamie, Britley’s best friend, is telling her to not go against her grandma’s wishes, but to also do what she feels is right in her heart. Britley wants to know why her mom isn’t in her life and why she left. The only “motherly” figure she has had in her life is her sister. Her dad has been in the hospital for 2.5 years and wants her to be cared for. Her grandma wants her to have nothing to do with her mom, and she doesn’t want Britley to even write a letter to her. Will Britley find the will to send the letter? Will she get anyone on her side? Does she tell her dad? Can she explain to her grandma and her sister why she needs to do this? Turn the pages in Finding Mom to find out.

Horseman Files Luckshot

Hell. It’s not fire and brimstone. It is the epitome of civilization. It has an approximate population of 3.8 billion Hellions—many of which are different races. Morphamauls, Serpenti, Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves, and hundreds more. Though life is more civilized in Hell than in the mortal world, there are still people who have hard lives. For Alyssa Whitemane, a Werewolf in Hell, life is anything but easy. Even when she’s thrown into a rich organization of Vampires, somehow, things don’t seem to get any better.

Just A Dream

Sylvia is a twenty-year-old woman living in an apartment alone. She has been experiencing supernatural occurrences for weeks. One day, she went out for a walk in a forest to ease her mind. Little did she know, this walk might be her last.

Lost and Found

“Try anything and I’ll shoot you.” The woman said, pointing a gun in my direction. I stiffened, not knowing what to say or what to do. She looked in the rear view mirror, studying me for a moment. “You’re going to listen to everything I say, and anything different will all result the same.


“The next week after that was a blur. It was almost as if my mind still hadn’t comprehended what was going on. I mean, just like that, Violet was gone. It seems like now my life is jumbled up into a catastrophic mess. I need to get away. I need to get out of my small Oregon town. I want to start over.”


2045, all of Eurasia is under the thumb of the nation of Digrenge- and the United States is next. Two scientists and their son must fight for survival as they are attacked and held hostage while the rest of Seattle is burned to the ground. Will they survive?

Something New Something Tragic

Jemma Johnson has always had big dreams to get out of her small hometown. When she tells her parents that she's leaving for Chicago, they freak. During her journey, she catches up with an old friend, and they have more in common now than they thought. She feels refreshed, but when something unexpected happens under the city lights of Chicago, Jemma doesn't know if she has the will to stay in the city or if she will go back to Iowa.

Specter Society

Love mystery? Love drama? Love exploring the supernatural? Join the Specter Society today! Our studies and activities include but are not limited to: Werewolf Hunting, Haunted Houses, Leprechaun Trapping, Bigfoot Investigations, And more! Join the Specter Society today! Adventure awaits! - Simon Aurus, S.S. President

Surprising Evils

Things aren't always as simple as they seem. Anna, a quiet girl, was taken in by a local minister after her parents’ terrible incident. The young girl was purely focused on her education until her world turned upside down, proving there is evil in everyone.

The Dark Force

They are dark. They are faceless figures. They are….Executors. Executors are faceless demons who were once humans but were made demons by their dark natures. Just one glance can send you shaking to your bones, and they are here. They are here for Lizzy and her kingdom. Now, it’s up to Lizzy to save her mother, the Queen, and her Kingdom from the Executors.

The Love I Need

Brielle Dobbs was just a normal 17-year-old girl who went to high school. One day, her life was changed when she was kidnapped. But what happens when she falls in love with her kidnapper?

Will's Game

“K Liv, what’s going on?” William whispered. I didn’t know what to do. I started to panic. Maybe this whole thing was a mistake. It might be better for him not to know. Oh God this is a nightmare. I looked up from my lap, and Will was making hardcore eye contact with me. I feel safe with Will, but I felt scared of what was going to come next.