Educere Virtual Learning Information

Families who have requested virtual learning for the first semester of 2020,
The company that your child will be taking virtual learning classes from is Educere.  The company is experiencing a large influx of registrations from around the country and Minnesota which is delaying the registration process.  As soon as we get the registration information from Educere we will register the students and Educere will contact families who have indicated they will be doing virtual learning.   We hope to have this done prior to September 8, as long as we receive the registration information soon.
Any elementary students enrolled in the program needs to have a dedicated adult who will be closely monitoring and supporting the student’s progress. Furthermore, any First Grade and Kindergarten students should have a parent with the student to help log in and navigate the course on a daily basis. This will give the student the best chance to succeed.  All students enrolled in Educere are committed to virtual learning for semester one.
All enrolled students will need to have a parent or guardian’s email and phone number so Educere can contact them weekly with attendance and progress in all classes.  We cannot register a student without a parent email or phone number.
The Educere program is NOT taught by Tracy Area Public School Teachers and all teaching, tutoring, questions, and guidance will come from the Educere teachers.  Educere will not have AP or college level courses for upper level students.
Families enrolled in Educere may pick up a student computer.   In order to receive a computer, families must complete the mobile device protection plan student and parent agreement.
English as a Second Language Students (ESL), that want to receive services with TAPS need to come to the building during their ESL class time.  Contact ESL Teacher Barb Hammer to let her know your intentions.
Educere students may participate in TAPS extra-curricular activities.
If you received this message and you are not planning to take Educere or have changed your mind, please let us know today so we can take your name off the list.  The district pays for each student using Educere for the entire semester, so if you are not planning on taking virtual learning and you intend to come back to TAPS, let us know today.